Zombie Life Mod | Life of a Zombie for Minecraft

Do you know the expression “Mouth full of worries”? So, with zombie Life mod (LifeofaZombie) in Minecraft Bedrock will be just like that. After all, the life of the local undead is far from the sweetest. The constant search for food and the scorching sun are just the tip of the iceberg of problems.

What the Life of a Zombie mod gives

Light protection |  Zombie Life Mod

To begin with, the Life of a Zombie modification is not quackery that adds to the hero MCBE only the abilities and vulnerabilities of the monster. Not. This mod makes a character MCPE a real zombie with all its charms:

  • the character will bake in the sun;
  • wearing a helmet will help you protect yourself from light;
  • most monsters don’t care – they don’t attack.

Crouching Zombie |  Zombie Life Mod

Back view |  Zombie Life Mod

But you should be wary of Minecraft Bedrock golems in the villages. If you don’t bypass them, they will teach you how to fly, literally. In addition, the villagers will also keep away from you. Have a good game!

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