Zombie Apocalypse Mod | SinMints Improved Zombie Apocalypse for Minecraft

If you want to change the style of survival in Minecraft for Android, then modification Zombie Apocalypse (SinMintsImprovedZombieApocalypse) perfect for this role. She will add a lot of changes to the game.

New zombies |  Zombie Apocalypse Mod

First of all, mod changes the characteristics and appearance of zombies in Minecraft Pocket Edition… They now look like this:

  • Health – 30 units;
  • Attack – 4 units;
  • Magnified drop;
  • Increased swimming speed for drowned men.

In addition, in the SinMints Improved Zombie Apocalypse mod, zombies no longer burn in sunlight, but they spawn everywhere – from caves in Minecraft Bedrock Editionthen cold biomes, and usually in large numbers.

Zombie at night |  Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Zombie in the house |  Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Author changed textures creepers and skeletons, making them more interesting.

Updated Creeper |  Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Updated skeleton |  Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Among the paintings in Minecraft more eerie works of art appeared. Have a good game!

Scary pictures |  Zombie Apocalypse Mod

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