Windows 95 UI Textures for Minecraft

Perhaps, playing Minecraft on Android, you fondly remember old operating systems, or perhaps you have not even seen its interface with your own eyes. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with it together with textures Windows 95 UIthat seriously change the game interface.

Windows 95 UI Texture Appearance

Hypothetically, you would need a 15-year-old phone to run this OS. Just think – the operating system took up a tiny 35 megabytes of hard disk space! And it required only 4 megabytes of RAM – even for Minecraft PE these are extremely low characteristics. But, back to the Windows 95 UI textures, which almost completely change the interface windows in Minecraft PE.

Repair and Alchemy |  Windows 95 UI Textures

Trade menu |  Windows 95 UI Textures

In addition, the hot bar will change in the game – its icons more or less repeat the icons of the long-gone operating system.

Hot Panel |  Windows 95 UI Textures

It should be noted that the Windows 95 UI texture pack is designed in classic gray and blue colors. It is now possible to customize the desktop, but then everyone was content with what they have.

The interface in the game |  Windows 95 UI Textures

Textures have a standard resolution for Minecraft Bedrock Editionso that after installation you won’t have any compatibility issues in MKPE… Enjoy your immersion in the old days!

Fixing the game |  Windows 95 UI Textures

Alchemy in the game |  Windows 95 UI Textures

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