Windowed Doors and Trapdoors Texture

Windowed doors and trapdoors is a texture pack created by dark and published in January 2021, updated again in March of the same year.

Windowed doors and trapdoors texture adds your Minecraft world a few new doors and trapdoors. Let’s explore with Mcpe Addons

Cre: Dark_Create (Twitter)

Windowed doors and trapdoors

Hi all guys I am Dark, Produce and moment I’ll introduce my new texture, which will allow you to have windowed doors and doors!

Hope you enjoy scrolling down for the texture images!

Then are the images of the texture

Some doors in this texture look like:

Trapdoors in this texture look like:

Doors and trapdoors


In this update, I added the sanguine and depraved lattice!

Some texture packs maybe make your Minecraft world more interested 


Download Windowed texture (Mediafile)

Download Windowed texture (Drive)