Water Element Mod for Minecraft

Are there any Warcraft fans among us? Because the creature that will appear with fashion Water Element very much like a water elemental summoned by mages in Warcraft… Nevertheless, even if you are not a fan, then such a mob will noticeably decorate the world. Minecraft and will add new gameplay elements.

add-on preview
water elemental in profile

How do I spawn an elemental?

  • Use the command /summon alex:water_element
  • Or find an egg in your creative inventory
elemental in the plain


  • The mob will always protect villagers from attacks
  • The elemental will not attack the player even when provoked
  • To fight monsters, the elemental uses a water spear that deals 2-4 points of damage
  • If a mob is attacked by four or more mobs, then it uses a special skill that deals 8 units of damage and knocks back everyone around
  • When an elemental dies, an explosion also occurs, dealing massive amounts of damage.
GIF animation elemental

Changes in the new version

  • Added sounds
  • Added animations
  • Reduced health to 40 units
  • Reduced damage

Supported versions

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