Vampire Craft Addon / Mod for Minecraft PE

Vampire Craft Addon / Mod PE

Vampire Craft – Vampire Queen Update 3.6 – Big and Cool addon for vampires and many items associated with them. Now you will get Vampires in Minecraft Bedrock.

To download the mod and enjoy the changes, you just need to get the modification from the free link below. If you like the theme of vampires and want to see them in the mobile game world of Minecraft Bedrock. Then do not sit down just like that, but act. The mod will add new mobs, people and vampire animals. They all drink blood and will be bloodthirsty. Be sure to look at the screenshots below for photos of new mobs and some added recipes. You thought we would leave you without a special biome where do vampires live? Of course, we could not do this with our beloved visitors. A new biome, blocks and even weapons are waiting for you. It will come in handy in battles against these bloodthirsty monsters. There are also potions with cool and positive effects. I told the truth that the mod is big. The creator updates it frequently. Don’t miss the next even better updates!

Vampire Craft Addon / Mod PE

It’s time to start downloading and I will try to adequately convey information on installing the mod for each visitor and player. I think it’s pretty easy to improve your own game world so that it helps you enjoy survival to the fullest. Just the way you want it. Download the best mods, many addons and other add-ons from my site. There is a daily update here, and not only mods. You will like it, tono I know!

– Required Minecraft 1.16
– Enable Experimental Gameplay for Beta;
– Download the archive and unpack it.
– Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it;
– Select new textures in the settings;
– It’s done.

Vampire Craft Addon / Mod PE
Vampire Craft Addon / Mod PE
Vampire Craft Addon / Mod PE

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