Tyrannosaurus and Hamsters mod for Minecraft on Android

This dinosaur will live only in the taiga biome and will be encountered, it will be extremely rare. Most of the time, the dinosaur will rest and save energy, but if disturbed by players, wolves, foxes, etc. he will immediately react and kill the intruder.

Tyrannosaurus will lay eggs, which means you can tame this creature. For taming, use any meat except fish and boiled.

After taming the dinosaur, feed him constantly, this will allow him to grow faster. When he grows into an adult, put a saddle on him and you can go hunting or traveling with him.

You can also install a chest on a dinosaur, like on a llama, and store all the items obtained and found in it.

After the death of a dinosaur, he will scrape meat that can be cooked and eaten, but we do not recommend eating raw meat, be sure to cook it in the oven or over a fire.

These cute pussies will inhabit the plains, taiga biome and flower forests. At the moment, hamsters are just a beautiful mob that can be tamed, in the future the author plans to make them more useful.

Hamsters will have a wide variety of colors and you will come across individuals of a wide variety of sizes. Hamsters are very fond of wheat and seeds are exactly what can tame them. In nature, they will be hunted by ocelots, cubs of tyrannosaurs, foxes and wolves.

IMPORTANT!!! For the mod to work, enable all the functions of the experimental mode in the world settings, as in the picture below.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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