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This is a map which is a combination of tycoon + oneblock and its name is tycoon block its a fun map it supports singleplayer and multiplayer also you can play it with your friends in this map u can collect resources and buy generators which will passively give items and you can sell as well as them.

This is a tycoon multiplayer/singleplayer map 

this map basically is a combination of one block and tycoon games

Here in this map your surrounded by nothing but void

there are 3 islands where you can get some stuffs

there is a shop to buy/sell items


This is the place where you spawn


There is a starter kit every player gets while joining you can get stuff to start 

*diamond shovel
*100 snow blocks

In the spawn there is bedrock above which a layer of snow constantly spawns which u can break with a shovel and make into snow block and continue make your way to different islands


The different islands are


here you can get cactus and some usefull items to start and a chest inside it


You can get sapplings and turtle,eggs,water,etc 


You can get water and lava here and very important resources here 


there is also an shop where you can buy stuff and sell

as soon as you enter here your gamemode will be changes to adventure so you dont break anything

you can buy items from these guys

and you can sell items here


there are few generators which produces ores passively

there are of 9 types

*copper generator

*dirt generator

*lapis generator

*coal generator

*emerald generator

*stone generator

*iron generator

*redstone generator

*diamond generator

once you place those generators you must interact with them to spawn the guy which will produce the resources

here are few pics of them

they will produce minerals randomly by dropping them

that’s it for this map i will regularly update it 

thanks for downloading

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