Transparent chat textures | Clear Chat / Tranparent Chat for Minecraft

Darkening the background in Minecraft on Android when entering console commands and when answering in chat is another headache for some players. After installation texture pack Transparent chat (ClearChat / TranparentChat) this problem will be resolved.

When using the console and chat in Minecraft Pocket Edition often it is not visible what is happening in the game, as there is a darkening of the background. Plus, the player is distracted by messages. FROM textures Transparent Chat (Tranparent Chat) all this will be solved in an instant. Screenshots before the change:

Chat before changing textures |  Textures Transparent chat

Screenshots after change:

Console after changing textures |  Textures Transparent chat

Chat after changing textures |  Textures Transparent chat

Textures will be very useful when used in Minecraft Bedrock Edition on “populated” servers. Usually, with such a game, the flow of messages in MCPE goes off scale. Therefore, it would be better to make the interface more acceptable to the player.

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