Textures Ultra FPS Booster / Envy Client for Minecraft

The main purpose textures Ultra FPS Booster/Envy Client is an up-frame rate in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. One of the most valuable features is that the resource pack supports the Russian language.

Ultra FPS Booster / Envy Client has a lot of settings in Minecraft for Android… The textures have the following functions:

  • Several operating modes;
  • Preset for regular game and PvP;
  • Other character animations in MKPE;
  • Nice interface;
  • FPS regulation;
  • Changing the number of particles from potions;
  • Management of sending and receiving messages.

Install and share your impressions of (now) textures!

Ultra FPS Booster / Envy Client update

Please note that now Ultra FPS Booster / Envy Client is no longer a program as before, but a resource pack in .mcpack format, starting with the updated version. Therefore, it is configured and installed as ordinary textures. Have a good game!

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