Textures Transparent frame | Invisible Item Frame for Minecraft

Thanks to the Invisible Item Frame textures, you can create an overwhelming number of different compositions in Minecraft Bedrock. And most importantly, this does not affect performance in any way.

Features of Invisible Item Frame textures

Say for sure what resolution these textures have in Minecraft it is impossible. If only because they completely remove the frame from the subject. Thanks to this feature, you can place almost any item anywhere. Let’s say make a bell as a decoration above the door.

Sword on a stand |  Textures Transparent frame

Hang a sword or bow on the wall? No problem! Create a large apple tree with fruits in creative mode MCPE? Easily!

Apple tree |  Textures Transparent frame

In addition, Creation allows you to place your crafting diagrams right on the walls – everything is nice and neat. Get creative and find a use textures at your discretion! After all, this is a creative game.

Sword on the enchantment table |  Textures Transparent frame

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