Textures Strength Index | Durability Viewer for Minecraft

When the strength strips of an item in Minecraft Bedrock are nothing, you never know how many hits it will last. Through the use textures Durability Viewer you will see how many uses are left.

Durability Viewer appearance

To our great regret, the developers were missed in Minecraft PE this important point – often, there are enough “health” strips for weapons and armor. In total, when configuring the Durability Viewer texture package, you can choose one of three display options.

In the first, there are numbers above the hotbar items.

The second display has only armor indicators in MCBE.

For reservation |  Textures Strength index

The third option texture-pack the most kosher. By clicking on the item, you will call a small window in your inventory, which will indicate the current strength.

A window with durability |  Textures Strength index

Using in Minecraft these resources, you will not notice any performance impact.

Setting up textures |  Textures Strength index

Changes in version 1.0.1

Fixed bugs in the texture pack for touch devices, as well as crafting armor, which was sometimes buggy. The author has fixed several visual bugs and fixed bugs with controllers. Have a good game!

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