Textures Simple Spawn Eggs | EasyEggs for Minecraft

After installation textures Simple spawn eggs (EasyEggs), you can easily find any egg for spawning creatures in Minecraft on Android in the creative mode. This pack will be especially useful for beginners who have not yet had time to get used to the game.

There is nothing supernatural about the textures of EasyEggs. They just add a small portrait of a mob or monster to Minecraft Bedrock Edition corner icons with egg. Very simple and very helpful. Now you don’t have to worry not only about newcomers to Minecraft BEbut also for experienced players.

Spawn eggs with new textures |  Textures Simple spawn eggs

Permission from textures twice as much as usual – 32×32. However, on performance it is perfectly in Minecraft does not affect. They are adapted to work on any (non-beta) version, starting from 1.16 and higher. Have a good game!

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