Textures Real hardcore | Hardcore Mode for Minecraft

Why reinvent the wheel in Minecraft PE and complicate mobs, damage, and other delights? After all, you can limit yourself to the ordinary texture pack Real hardcore (Hardcore Mode), which will deprive you of one great opportunity in the game – respawn.

At its core, Hardcore Mode is not only about texturesbut also mod… After installing it, you will have to Minecraft for Android, to put it mildly, not sweet. If the hero dies, you will see such a funny screen.

The screen after the death of the hero |  Textures Real hardcore

Yes, you understood everything correctly – it lacks a respawn point in Minecraft… Survival will have to start over. In addition, you can also disable the character’s regeneration, which will add another fly in the ointment to the game.

Disable Regeneration |  Textures Real hardcore

Include increased difficulty here, and it’s time to grab into MKPE Per head. The author of the textures also changed the icons of hearts above the hotbar.

User in the game |  Textures Real hardcore

Well, it remains to wish you only strong nerves!

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