Textures Peeled Gears | Clear Wire for Minecraft

It so happens that in large and complex structures in Minecraft BE, you can miss a little thing. As a result, the mechanism will not work correctly, and everything will have to be redone. Using resource pack Cleared mechanisms (Clear Wire) you will be able to get a simplified appearance of objects.

Three types of textures |  Textures Refined mechanisms

The author of the Clear Wire texture pack implemented in MCBE three options for the type of resources:

  • Smoothed;
  • Classical;
  • Customized.

What is provided in the resource pack:

  • The knitted thread now has crisp textures to indicate it;
  • Repeater and comparator got a new look;
  • The redstone and torch, as well as the soul torch, have several types of textures;
  • The rails have several variations.

Anvils |  Textures Refined mechanisms

In blocks:

  • A redstone lamp has several states;
  • New textures for anvil, funnel and observer.

Pistons |  Textures Refined mechanisms

  • The pistons in the game have become different;
  • Dispensers and rejectors got new textures on the side.

Stoves |  Textures Refined mechanisms

Bonfires of Souls |  Textures Refined mechanisms

  • Smelter, Smokehouse, and Oven all boast new fire textures;
  • New textures for barrels;
  • The bonfire of souls made a difference;
  • The revive anchor has a new look.

Pumpkins |  Textures Refined mechanisms

Plants and hives:

  • The hive and nest have distinctive textures;
  • The Nether outgrowth received a clearer model;
  • Watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds are now different in Minecraft PE;
  • Added some textures for the pumpkin and Jack’s lantern.

Workbenches |  Textures Refined mechanisms

Buttons |  Textures Refined mechanisms

Woolen Blocks |  Textures Refined mechanisms

In addition, the author has changed the appearance of wool blocks, chests and portals. Also, all workbenches and machines have undergone changes to make their appearance clearer. The archive contains four files with textures, choose any and install in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Updating textures 1.1

In the new version of the resource pack, the author is engaged in optimization. Extra textures from potion bubbles have been removed, and some graphical bugs have been fixed. On the other hand, ore blocks have been “updated”, their visual component has been improved.

Updating textures 1.2

  • Lave animation fixed
  • Fixed visual bugs for spawn eggs
  • textures from the latest Minecraft update have been improved

Have a good game!

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