Textures New Netherite Armor

Agree, but the variety of “appearance” of the armor in Minecraft does not shine in the sun, and you need to start changing something. We suggest you download textures New armor from netherite (SAD-ist Inspired Netherite Armor)that will improve the top armor.

Appearance of textures SAD-ist Inspired Netherite Armor

Say what you like, but the textures New Netherite Armor (SAD-ist Inspired Netherite Armor) really improve (so far) the best armor in Minecraft PE… Looks impressive, right?

Player Armor |  Mod New Netherite Armor

Take a look how changed textures look on a set of armor, on a rack. Ray tracing is enabled in Minecraft BE.

Side armor rack |  Mod New Netherite Armor

Front view |  Mod New Netherite Armor

And here are the updated icons.

Helmet Icon |  Mod New Netherite Armor

Armor Icon |  Mod New Netherite Armor

Boots icon |  Mod New Netherite Armor

Leggings Icon |  Mod New Netherite Armor

Retexture does not affect game performance. Enjoy your crafting!

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