Textures Maid Outfit | Sweet Maid Outfit for Minecraft

Maid outfit (SweetMaidOutfit) looks in Minecraft Bedrock as if it was made by an inveterate anime viewer. By the way, textures will replace all armor in the game. You can download it from the link below.

White outfit |  Texture Maid Outfit

As for the female characters in Minecraft for Androidthen the Sweet Maid Outfit texture pack will definitely suit them. But what about the male heroes? Well, this is where you can prank your friends Minecraft Bedrock.

Brown outfit |  Texture Maid Outfit

Pink outfit |  Texture Maid Outfit

Yellow outfit |  Texture Maid Outfit

Just imagine their square faces, especially if they use some brutal skins. Textures do not affect performance in Minecraft, resolution 16×16. Armor stats are also unaffected.

Blue outfit |  Texture Maid Outfit

Have a good game!

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