Textures Logical Design | JaxOrSomething’s Logical Items for Minecraft

FROM texture pack Logical design (JaxOrSomethingsLogicalItems) everything is extremely simple in Minecraft for Android. They replace the usual item icons with new ones made by the author.

Appearance of JaxOrSomething’s Logical Items textures

Helmets |  Textures Logical design

Armor Racks |  Textures Logical design

Plates |  Textures Logical design

FROM textural package Logical design (JaxOrSomething’s Logical Items) all icons of items in Minecraft will look more logical, natural and realistic. This creation is processed into MCBE:

  • helmets
  • armor stands
  • plaques
  • potions
  • diamonds and emeralds
  • redstone
  • books
  • buckets.

Redstone |  Textures Logical design

Painting |  Textures Logical design

Books |  Textures Logical design

Have a good game!

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