Textures Cross-eyed mobs | Crossed Eyes Mobs for Minecraft

With package texture of squint mobs (CrossedEyesMobs) some of the creatures in Minecraft on Android will look really funnier – the author decided that this position of the eyes would be better for them. Let’s see what came of it.

Crossed Eyes Mobs

With package textures Crossed Eyes Mobs will appear in Minecraft somewhat differently – maybe even a little smarter. So, rather, the default setting of the eyes of creatures in Minecraft Bedrock makes them oblique.

Is not a fact. Look – they look straight into the soul!

Changed the eyes of the following creatures in MKPE:

  • iron golem;
  • blowfish;
  • foxes (both options);
  • squid;
  • cows;
  • pigs;
  • sheep.

Have a good game!

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