TBOGGs 20k textures for Minecraft

FROM textured TBOGGs 20k everything is extremely simple in Minecraft Bedrock. Minor graphical improvements, as well as a few tweaked game block parts. It would be possible, in principle, not to say anything, but there are a couple of nuances.

Let’s start with the fact that the TBOGGs 20k resource pack was made by a blogger on Minecraft BE, whose audience has reached 20 thousand subscribers. It turned out very nice. The author has reworked many small points in the game.

Dark menu background |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Dark menu.

Green Grass |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Deeper grass color.

Enchantment |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Increased luminosity of enchanted items.

Small details |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Finer details in MKPE.

Mechanisms |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Modified mechanisms.

Snow and Grass |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Increased snow and grass cover on the blocks.

Animation over a hot bar |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Experience bar animation in MCPE.

IN textures there is a problem – a black sight. Tellingly, many users, on the contrary, liked it. You can fix it like this:

  • We go to the settings;
  • Open the “video” tab;
  • Change the smoothing value by one.

Fix black sight |  TBOGGs 20k textures

Have a good game!

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