Survival + Map | Survival + for Minecraft

On map Survival + (Survival +) many command blocks are used that seriously change the gameplay in Minecraft PE. You no longer need to think about creating a complicated game using mods due to their incompatibility!

Features of the Survival + card

Not far from the spawn |  Survival + Map

Zombies have become much more dangerous. Now they not only move faster, but also deal serious damage. Meeting with spiders in Minecraft PE also does not bode well – the player can be wrapped in a web, as well as poisoned. Other mobs got some changes too.

Mountains |  Survival + Map

Hoglins were given increased damage, efreet can become invisible, and ancient guards under water have a chance to remove the effect of underwater breathing from the character when attacking. Many mobs have received changes in the drop – get ready to hunt right now! At the same time, be careful, because some mobs can now attack during the day.

Oceanic monument |  Survival + Map

The author of the Survival + map has updated the properties of some items. Now, if you just put a full set of armor in your inventory, then the player will receive MCBE positive effect of acceleration. We advise you to fight the Wither – now the Nether star will give many buffs to the hero, including an increase in the jump range.

Some resources, such as diamonds, began to be generated in Minecraft Bedrock much less often. Their main “spawn” was replaced with other minerals and ores. Now the easiest way to get them is to trade with the villagers. On the map the amount of experience gained has been changed. The screenshots were taken with ray tracing enabled!

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