Stone Factory Map | StoneFactory for Minecraft

Many elements of the original SkyBlock will seem familiar to you in Minecraft for Android. True, unlike the blocks in the sky, you will start your main quest in a remote cave, which consists entirely of map Stone Factory from cobblestone.

Features of the StoneFactory map

Inside the cave |  Stone Factory Map

Principles of playing on map Stone Factory (StoneFactory) are similar to any SkyBlock in Minecraft… Even the ultimate goal is the same – the elimination of a small flying lizard that has settled in the Land. In addition, the card is already “supplied” with an impressive number of modifications – so you don’t need to search for anything Minecraft Bedrock, all is ready.

You will start the game with an interesting tome in your hands. It lists all the quests that you need to complete in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… For them you will receive a valuable reward that will help you on your difficult adventure. Have a good game!

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