Sid Fortress on the surface | Stronghold Generated Above Surface for Minecraft

By coincidence, on side Fortress on the surface the gameplay will go like clockwork. You don’t even need to run too far – everything in Minecraft Bedrock is at your fingertips. So we propose to begin with scouting the situation, so to speak.

What is on the side Fortress on the surface

Side spawn location The surface fortress is really good. In “walking distance” there are suitable biomes for survival in Minecraft BE, such as the:

  • mushroom;
  • birch forest;
  • desert;
  • mesas.

Zombie Village |  Sid Fortress on the surface

Also nearby in MKPE there is a zombie village. Of course, it’s up to you how to deal with them. You can arrange a cleaning, and then stock up on blocks of side called Fortress on the surface and survive for your own pleasure. Or you can show mercy to them by curing the disease.

Fortress Library |  Sid Fortress on the surface

At the very edge of the zombie village in MCBE there is an underground fortress, in which many things and treasures are hidden. Carefully inspect every corner – you never know, what suddenly escapes your keen eye. Enjoy your research in Minecraft PE!


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