Short Life Map | Timelife Skyblock for Minecraft

IN cards Short life (Timelife Skyblock) not as poetic as the true name in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. If you like skyblocks, then this creation will definitely take a prominent place!

Islands |  Short life card

In appearance, a map called Timelife Skyblock is an unremarkable “skyblock” – the same limited space in Minecraft PE, the eternal lack of resources. Here are the islands locked away!

Zombies at the workbench |  Short life card

But, there is something else here – the time limit.

Cloud on the map |  Short life card

When you start the game on the map, you have the opportunity to select the difficulty level in Minecraft BE – they have many differences. The monsters will not only increase the amount of HP and increase the attack, but the difficulty will also affect the time:

  • Easy mode – 2 and a half hours to complete;
  • Medium mode – 1 hour;
  • Hard – 35 minutes.

If you do not keep within the framework of MCPE, the obvious will happen – all living things will be cut out, and map will reboot. Enjoy your passage!

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