Shopblock Skyblock (With Custom Trade) – Карта для Minecraft PE

Shopblock Skyblock (With Custom Trade) is cool skyblock card with a limited set of resources at the start. You will need to torment to try to survive in these difficult conditions. Then use new items for development and trade. The main task is to reach Ender Dragon and defeat him.

How to install?
Android: Use ES Explorer to find mcworld in your downloads folder. Click on the file to import it inside.
IOS OS: as soon as you clicked on the Download button at the bottom, the device will offer to open it.
Windows 10 versions: Go to your downloads folder and search for mcworld. Click on the document to add it to the client.

For smartphones
Shopblock Skyblock (With Custom Trade) – Карта PE
For Windows
Shopblock Skyblock (With Custom Trade) – Карта PE

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