Shaders BSPE-Better Sky Pocket Edition

You can’t run massive shadersimproving the world around Minecraft? «BSPE-Better Sky Pocket Edition (Improved sky, Pocket Edition)»Make the sky more realistic and aesthetic. You can choose the style of your sky: realistic (smooth clouds, etc.) or cartoon (round sun, clear clouds).

Realistic sky. This version is recommended.

Cartoon sky. Moon and sun in Minecraft may be obscured by clouds.

Use the slider to select the sky.

Shaders supported on all platforms.

Установка BSPE-Better Sky Pocket Edition (.mcpack)

  • Download shaders with notice – “.mcpack“Below.
  • Run the downloaded file, thereby you import the shaders into Minecraft.
  • Open up Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to world settings.
  • Set for the world imported:
    Resource kits.
  • Select the imported shaders in each section.
  • We recommend that you restart the game client after that. MinecraftON.
  • Run Minecraft Pocket Edition, go to the previously configured world Minecraft and enjoy the shaders!

Установка BSPE-Better Sky Pocket Edition (.zip):

  • Download shaders.
  • In the directory “games/com.mojang/“Create a folder”resource_packs».
  • Next, extract the shaders from the archive, and move only the folder from this archive to the folder “resource_packs».
  • Go to settings Minecraftand then into texture management.
  • Choose your shaders.
  • Have a good game!

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