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Shaderless Shader, an incredibly lifelike shader for Minecraft PE, will naturally alter how the game looks. Not as a typical texture pack, but as a shader without shaders! This pack is only 5MB in size, active on both mobile and windows, and works perfectly on all devices.

Shaderless Shader

  • Shaderless Shader Features:
  • Custom clouds
  • Glowing sun and moon
  • Cleaner weather particles
  • Super pretty colormaps
  • Tropical water and much more!

Depending on the nearby blocks and the depth, the waters’ hues and nuances change.

The shorelines and islands are much more lovely and inviting.

Since cave lighting is adjusted to a specific intensity and is smoother at night, they appear fantastic from the inside.

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With Shaderess Shader that we introduce in this article, hope you can enjoy with your friend, Thank you so much for follwing us.

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