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The most realistic shader pack for Minecraft PE as of right now. The reflection of the sun’s and moon’s light on the lake creates a lovely sheen. The sky and the nether have both seen significant improvements, as have the shadows. If you want to play a more realistic version of Minecraft, you should give this a shot because the hype is real. Gabriel Paixo, Twitter Account, Creator Accessed on April 7, 2017 (added version for MCPE 1.1.01)

Cre: Gabriel Paixão

SEUS PE Shader

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Choose one of the following files

SEUS PE shaders Low .McPack or (Download Link Backup) (recommended for low-end devices with less resources)

SEUS PE shaders Medium .McPack or (Link Backup)

SEUS PE shaders Ultra .McPack or (Link Backip) (high-end devices, more resources)

  1. Open Minecraft PE, go to Settings > Global resources > Apply pack
  2. Restart Minecraft PE!

Download SEUS PTGI HRR 3 Shaders

Download SEUS Shaders Renewed v1.0.1

Download SEUS Shaders v11

Download SEUS Shaders v10.2 Ultra

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