Scuba Diving Map | Scuba Diving for Minecraft


Scuba diving (ScubaDiving), this is uncomplicated map for Minecraft Bedrock, where we act as a diver. However, we will not fish, but search for hidden treasures, each of which will take a place in a special collection.

How to play the Scuba Diving map

V Minecraft BE we are waiting for you twenty different underwater locations. On the Scuba Diving map, at each of these locations, the author left a valuable item that we need to find. All items found will be placed in a special room – a kind of collection of MCBE.

Trophy room |  Scuba Diving Map

Some of the places cards I exist in reality. Other levels were created in Minecraft from pure fantasy, or under the inspiration of various “underwater” games, like Subnautics.

One of the locations |  Scuba Diving Map

Enjoy your passage!

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