SCP Map – Area 60

If you are familiar with this universe and play Minecraft PE, then you probably know that Containment Breach is one of the scariest in the series. So, the authors SCP Maps – Site 60 (SCP: Site 60) made it to the motive of a horror story.

Swimming pool |  SCP Map - Site 60

Map is versatile enough for Minecraft BE… You can use SCP – Site 60 as you please – for survival, PvP, YouTube reviews, and of course, creativity. The author assured that the content on the map will be constantly updated. Already, you can choose several options for textures for it, and it also includes some mods.

Cell |  SCP Map - Area 60

SCP: Site 60 is a huge laboratory in Minecraft Bedrock, which, as usual, is well guarded. At least it should be guarded.

Laboratory entrance |  SCP Map - Site 60

Corridor  SCP Map - Area 60

The monsters scattered, the guards in Minecraft PE disappeared. And now you can settle here, fight, or even rebuild everything. Have a good game!

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