SCP KP mod for Minecraft

By the way, you practically will not find original creatures in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn, only created in fashion SCP KP based on the original games. But it still turned out very cool, and worthy of the original.

Although modsThere are a large number of similar to SCP KP, almost every one of them looks very suitable. So, let’s go through the new products.

Motherboard |  SCP KP mod

Revived motherboard. This mob can kill in Minecraft BE in a couple of strokes.

Statue |  Mod SCP KP

The statue of unity. Fast and dangerous monster.

Toy |  SCP KP mod

Eric’s favorite toy. A harmless creature.

Ghostly Item |  SCP KP mod

Ghost |  SCP KP mod

A ghostly object. If broken, then a ghost will appear.

Revived Food |  SCP KP mod

SCP-109. When destroyed, you will receive an item that you can eat endlessly. However, for three seconds after use, you will get a nausea effect.

Pistol |  SCP KP mod

Revived pistol. When destroyed, you will receive a weapon that can be used in MKPE.

Pet Stone |  SCP KP mod

Pet stone. Will destroy untamed animals nearby.

Radioactive material |  SCP KP mod

Material with radiation. Be careful – it kills the hero when touched.

Headless |  SCP KP mod

Headless creature.

Handle |  Mod SCP KP

Revived handle. Small but dangerous.

Duck |  SCP KP mod

Ducks. A great addition to chickens.

Prisoners |  SCP KP mod

Prisoners D. Better not make them angry.

Life stone |  SCP KP mod

Life stone. When used, it increases attack power, as well as the number of hearts.

Ice sword |  SCP KP mod

Ice sword. In truth, a useless thing in MCPE.

Weapons |  SCP KP mod

Pistol. Has custom sounds.

Walkie-talkies |  SCP KP mod

Walkie-talkies. You can listen to music through them.

Blocks |  SCP KP mod

Blocks. Made in the style of posters.

Labels |  SCP KP mod

A few more blocks. They look like labels.

Fund blocks |  SCP KP mod

SCP blocks.

Be sure to include the experimental features of the game in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Have a good game!

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