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Isn’t it more convenient to travel around Minecraft on Android behind the wheel of a comfortable car than on your own two? If you decide to download the Saga & Kancil mod, you can sit behind the wheel of legendary cars in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The Saga has four seats in the cabin and an average speed, so you can even ride your friends in the game. The author of the mod added different textures, so there are 3 options and 6 colors in Minecraft PE. The second machine is also available in a sports version for Minecraft for the tablet. In general, everything is in the screenshots! Find cars in the world will not work, so write down the console commands:

/summon proton:saga85
/summon proton:saga85_taxi
/summon proton:saga85_rally
/summon pkancil:l200
/summon pkancil:l200_turbo


Saga & Kancil Mod Saga & Kancil Mod Saga & Kancil Mod


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