RWSPE shaders for Minecraft

Every player knows that any shadersfor example such as RWSPE, greatly improve the picture in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. And when combined with a cool texture pack, they give a totally crazy effect. Naturally, you’ll have to fork out for performance resources.

RWSPE shaders have four modes of operation in Minecraft PEsuitable for both PC and mobile devices.

Shader Settings |  RWSPE shaders

They are very easy to set up. Go to the settings and switch the slider that activates the following effects in MKPE:

  • Realistic colors;
  • Water surface;
  • Modified clouds;
  • Reflections of clouds and sun on the water;
  • Reflection of the night sky;
  • Improved shadows;
  • The movement of various vegetation.

That’s how shaders will look in Minecraft on various presets.

The type of graphics in the game |  RWSPE shaders

Have a good game!

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