Road surface textures | Ikelos Roadkit for Minecraft

Now you can build a real racing track in Minecraft on your phone. Well, or an impressive road junction. FROM textures Road surface (Ikelos Roadkit) building cities will go smoothly!

Interchange |  Road surface textures

Texture pack Road surface (Ikelos Roadkit) will be removed from Minecraft Bedrock Edition all blocks with concrete, and in their place will put blocks that are ideal for roads. Here you will find markings (including temporary ones), and the direction of movement along the lanes, and even pedestrian crossings in MCBE.

Street |  Road surface textures

Rotation |  Road surface textures

Here is a prime example of how these textures… By the way, they do not affect performance in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… And when building roads, you no longer have to use black wool in the game!

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