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After installing the Road Builder addon, you will be able to get a road construction machine, with which you will be able to create real tracks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

This is not a cheap pleasure, because the car is filled with gold, lapis lazuli and iron, and each block gives a different coating in the game.

How the Road Builder mod works:

after filling up the gold, wooden roads are built;
lapis lazuli gives a concrete coating;
iron allows you to create white and orange roads in Minecraft for your phone.

To fill up the car, you need to approach it with the necessary block in your hand and use the right mouse button or long press. After that, a road will be built in Minecraft BE for 75 seconds, and then an empty tank warning will appear. Repeat the manipulation with dressing and keep it going!

With this mod, you can create cool maps or just a beautiful and cozy world for yourself. Good luck!


Road Builder Addon Road Builder Addon Road Builder Addon


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