Reflex Shaders | Reflex PE for Minecraft

Via Shaders Reflex (Reflex PE) you can easily “pump” graphene in Bedrock Edishn Minecraft. This, of course, is not RTX, but everything looks impressive enough – the picture will become much more realistic.

Reflex PE Shaders Features

Stable frame rate, colorful and juicy picture, this is not all that these shaders… If you download the Reflex PE shader pack, you will see in Minecraft BE:

  • realistic textures of the sky, sun and moon;
  • detailed shadows in MCBE;
  • excellent tonality in the image;
  • movement of leaves.

Top view of the forest |  Reflex Shaders

In version 3.9.2, the author has fixed many bugs in Minecraft for Android, and also fixed visual bugs. Have a good game!

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