Reflex Shaders | Reflex PE for Minecraft

Via Shaders Reflex (Reflex PE) you can easily “pump” graphene in Bedrock Edishn Minecraft. This, of course, is not RTX, but everything looks impressive enough – the picture will become much more realistic.

Reflex PE Shaders Features

Small cliff by the river |  Reflex Shaders

Stable frame rate, colorful and juicy picture, this is not all that these shaders… If you download the Reflex PE shader pack, you will see in Minecraft BE:

  • realistic textures of the sky, sun and moon;
  • detailed shadows in MCBE;
  • excellent tonality in the image;
  • movement of leaves.

Top view of the forest |  Reflex Shaders

In version 3.9.2, the author has fixed many bugs in Minecraft for Android, and also fixed visual bugs. Have a good game!

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