Ray tracing in Minecraft on Windows

I’ve always liked good spotlights, in them I can feel like a real star, even if not at all popular. However, there are things I’m willing to give up in order to get an even more vivid experience, so I am throwing my spotlight out of the window in favor of better lighting in video games created with new technologies!

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of ray tracing technology in Minecrarft on Windows 10which uses technology Nvidia and Minecraft Render Dragon… Users can now enjoy the game with brighter blocks, emissive pixels, water reflections, shadow casting, and deeper lighting around the world. It is difficult to convey in words all the delights of this technology, so see the new world with your own eyes in a special trailer!To add ray tracing to Minecraft on the platform Windows 10, your device must have a graphics processor with ray tracing support, for example, GeForce RTX 2060 or more powerful versions. Players who installed Minecraft Ray tracing, by default use the new technology with a special renderer texture pack that interacts with ray-tracing effects to enhance graphics. Maps and worlds with support for this function are already available, you can find them in the official store Marketplace.

You can create your own ray-traced worlds using rendered texture packs (PBR). Sounds complicated? If you want to try yourself in creating such worlds, but do not know where to start, NVIDIA specially made for this excellent starter pack and helpful guide… Everything is explained there in simple language, so even a caveman like me can understand. A great opportunity to transform my hideous mud houses into modern stylish eco-houses.

Another plus of this technology is that it does not affect the mechanics of the gameplay in the worlds and maps in which it is supported. This means that the user with the basic version Minecraft Bedrock can still be in the same world as those with ray tracing support. Players with inadequate GPUs will see standard visuals. This means that they will see my stylish eco-houses as they really are. Okay, I only accept ratings and criticism from players with new effects!

That’s not all! After all, what’s the point in luxurious lighting if there are no dazzling multiplayer worlds? We present to your attention two worlds – Colosseum RTX (available now) and Dungeon Dash RTX (coming soon). You can download them all in the same place – on Marketplace.

Colosseum RTX (Colosseum)

Colosseum RTX – this is the world that will take you to the Colosseum during the years of the Roman Empire. There you can travel to beautiful natural places, collect historical trivia and look for secret places located both inside the Colosseum and near it. If you do not like complex architecture and large-scale buildings, then you can always go to the arena for battles with three other users Minecraft.

Dungeon Dash RTX (Dungeon Racing)

If in the previous world you could calmly explore new places, then here you need to fight your way through the complex, intricate dungeons that are located in the beautiful medieval countryside as quickly as possible. Route your route through unique locations and biomes, including a tree village, sky islands and a mysterious mine!

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