PvP Parkour map for Minecraft on Android and iOS

Map of PvP Parkour [1.16]
Author: May 17, 2021 at 11:30

If you like parkour and want to fight with your friends on the track, then download the PvP Parkour map, where you have to compete in speed and skill with your friends. The map is divided into 2 tracks that run parallel to each other, your task will be to pass obstacles as quickly as possible and shoot at your friends along the way. This card is ideal for two players, this number is optimal. Of course, you can play it alone, but it won’t be so much fun.

This map is relatively small in size and consists of only 10 stages that you will need to go through.

How to play?

At the very beginning of the game, you will have a choice between two passes, as well as a chest with a bow and arrow. Before starting the game, be sure to take a bow and arrow so that you can shoot at opponents.

At each stage, a button and a sign with the inscription “Give UP” will be installed. Thanks to this button, you can give up and start the game from the very beginning.

IMPORTANT!!! To play on this map, all participants must have experimental mode functions enabled in the world settings.

You can install the card according to the instructionshere

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