Poppy Playtime Map

I’d like to introduce you to the Poppy Playtime map from the horror game.

There are several areas on the Poppy Playtime map that you can visit, and those areas are listed below.

You worked at Poppy Playtimes Factory in the past. But you’d heard about your coworkers’ strange disappearances. You attempted to visit the factory to inspect it.

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Poppy Playtime Map

The map is divided into several sections (CHAPTER 1)

PLaytime.co factory entrance

You begin at the entryway, where you will find the entrance area as well as a room containing the Grabpack (the grabpack is not an item)

The following region is Huggy Wuggy’s, where you will see Huggy Wuggy for the first time in the game. There are also a series of doors inside that can lead to other regions (some only)

The Factory is a place where you can make things. This is the place where everything is manufactured.

Also, where is the “Make a Toy” Machine on the other hand? But is it really manufacturing a “toy” in these conditions?

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Finally, Poppy’s can be found here. It all started with this product.

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Download Poppy Playtime Map

Download Poppy Playtime Map