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If you appreciate the indev horror game Poppy Playtime, Poppy Playtime Addon is for you. It brings huggy Wuggy into your world and allows him to act just as in the game, such as ducking down from a block with custom animation, vent crawling, chase music, jumpscare, and more.

Cre: BendyTheDemon18 (Youtube, Twitter)

Poppy Playtime Addon


Regarding the add-on:

Right now, the addon only has Huggy Wuggy, however because the addon’s name is poppy playtime, I may return to add more characters when the game’s chapters become available.



Wuggy Huggy Wuggy:

Is the main antagonist in the MOB games indie horror game Poppy Playtime. Huggy is 4.2 blocks tall in game and looks like a rip-off of Cookie Monster, but he’s hostile, so don’t be fooled.

  • Health: 300
  • Damage: 10 – 15
Poppy Playtime Addon

Huggy abilities:

Jumpscare: can one-hit a player. It doesn’t one-hit everything, but it does deal a lot of damage. It has a cooldown, so when it’s up, he’ll use melee attack.

Poppy Playtime Addon
Poppy Playtime Addon

Huggy jumpscare in vent

Ducking and crawling: Huggy can fit through 3 and 2 block height areas by ducking and crawling.

Poppy Playtime Addon

Huggy duck in a three-block-high space (not all block will make huggy do this animation)

Poppy Playtime Addon

Sprinting: Huggy will sprint if you sprint jump, he know other mob speed and can choose when to use walk and when to use run

Huggy can regen and rise up one more time by feigning death.

Huggy is pretending to be dead.

Other features include:
Animation of falling and landing

Poppy Playtime Addon

Huggy can recover himself after a time if he is not hunting anything.

Poppy Playtime Addon


Huggy Wuggy can spawn organically in your survival environment, but it is unusual.

It served no purpose other than to be decorative.

Poppy Playtime Addon

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Creator note:

  • You are not allowed to repost Poppy Playtime addon anywhere else without my permission
  • You are not allowed to edit the addon or claim the addon as your own
  • You can learn more about the code, but coping are prohibited
  • You are allowed to make content with my addon but you need to give me credit when you do it

Credit: Addon by BendytheDemon18

Special thanks to my testers:


Download Poppy Playtime Addon

Download Poppy Playtime Addon