Plants vs. Zombies Card | Plants vs Zombies for Minecraft

On Plants vs Zombies map you have to defend your base in Minecraft for Android from hordes of undead, who, of course, want to destroy it. Therefore, you need to strengthen your position.

Card cover |  Plants vs. Zombies Card

Map called Plants vs Zombies combines in Minecraft Bedrock several genres at once:

  • Puzzle;
  • Action;
  • The farm.

From the original, in Minecraft a lot has migrated, including even bosses, many different plants and several interesting types of zombies.

New boss |  Plants vs. Zombies Card

There are more than two dozen arenas on the map MCBE.

Arena lawn |  Plants vs. Zombies Card

Arena Renaissance |  Plants vs. Zombies Card

The author also took care of several funny mini-games:

  • Breaking vases;
  • Zombie spawners;
  • Multiplayer.

In the last update, the mini-game received an updated menu and sounds. Have a good game!

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