Planet Hint Texture | Planet Namek Pack for Minecraft

If you like the theme of space, all sorts of planets and unearthly civilizations (without REN-TV) and you play Minecraft on Android, then for sure the package Planet Namek Pack you will like it after installation. Fasten your seat belts, we take off!

Appearance of Planet Namek Pack textures

If you besides Minecraft Bedrock Edition are passionate about anime and manga, you will immediately understand that the legs of the Planet Namek Pack textures grow with Dragon Ball. It is there that this strange planet is mentioned. Too colossal changes in MCBE do not wait – the colors will change first.

Blue forest near |  Texture Planet Hint

Thanks to the Planet Namek Pack textures, the vegetation in MCPE the color will change from green to blue, and the water will become a little acidic. By the way, you can dive into it without fear.

Green sky |  Texture Planet Hint

Alas, the original planet Hint has three suns that continuously illuminate it. IN Minecraft PE we’ll have to make do with one. Textures practically do not affect performance. Have a good game!

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