Pixel art Madara with Susano in Minecraft

Construction parameters

Dimensions (edit)

195 / 1


Material volume




3 / 5 (2 Evaluations)

Supported version
Maps for Java 1.12.2+, Bedrock 1.14.1+

Description of the building

Big pixel art Madara from the anime “Naruto” for the world of Minecraft… The character is executed in combat mode when he has the covering of susano turned on. It looks very cool.

The building is large-scale, so the author was able to work out every element of the building. Pixel art looks even better from a distance, so keep this in mind when integrating the circuit into your world.

We have one more pixel art Madara… If you are a fan of the aforementioned universe, these two buildings will be a great addition to the world.

Posted by: Finder02

Category: Pixel art

Price: 0.00 RUB

Rating: 3 (2 votes)

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