Peepss Furniture Addon / Mod for furniture in Minecraft PE

Peepss Furniture Addon / Mod PE

Peepss Furniture New Era V4! – Addon for 50+ new pieces of furniture in Minecraft Bedrock.

This is a very cool addition to modern furniture that will delight any player. You can find for yourself various items for the bathroom, office, living room, just rooms and many other decorations. Also want to make a real kitchen in Minecraft PE? Then this add-on is perfect for you! Now I will list the main items added by the mod: TV, computer, gaming chair, refrigerator, cabinets, tables, sofas, bathrooms, shower, toilet, washstand and much more. In the newest version of the add-on, the author also wanted to add armor and weapons. In general, a very diverse mod.

– Required Minecraft 1.16
– Enable Experimental Gameplay for Beta;
– Download the archive and unpack it.
– Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it;
– Select new textures in the settings;
– It’s done.

Peepss Furniture Addon / Mod PE

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