Parkour Championship Island Map

Map entitled Parkour Championship Island (ChampionshipParkourIslands) will allow you to spend in Minecraft on Android, perhaps the most organized network game, where the outcome of a victory depends not only on speed, but also on skills.

Start place |  Parkour Championship Island Map

Gold Checkpoint |  Parkour Championship Island Map

In addition to you, 29 more players will be able to take part in the Championship Parkour Islands mini-game! This is a rather colossal figure for such a genre in Minecraft PE… But, such a large number of players is not the only thing that this map.

Control point near |  Parkour Championship Island Map

Block with effect |  Parkour Championship Island Map

There are two teams competing here – blue and red. The game starts in a cozy lobby. By the way, do not worry that there are a large number of people – everything is organized. The map has a system of points in Minecraft PE, which are awarded for the speed of passing, as well as finding control points.

High jump effect |  Parkour Championship Island Map

Many blocks have their own effects in MCBEboth negative and positive. For example, one of them can increase the character’s running speed, while the other, on the contrary, can decrease the hero’s jump range. There are several routes, but in terms of balance, they are identical.

Running character |  Parkour Championship Island Map

Dangerous route |  Parkour Championship Island Map

Alternatively, you can run the Championship Parkour Islands map alone to practice or explore the routes in more detail. Here’s what we have in general:

  • Several routes;
  • Half an hour of passage;
  • Advanced system with checkpoints and points;
  • Opening and closing doors;
  • Blocks with various effects;
  • The current finish line.

Finish place |  Parkour Championship Island Map

Have a good game!

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