OverWorld Shaders v0.5 the SKY UPDATE

OVPE/OverWorld Shaders provide color and beauty to your Minecraft world, it is small shaders that can handle 1GB of RAM and potato devices.

Cre: SiddhiMG44 

OverWorld Shaders

Finally, the most recent version has been released.

Vanilla Enhanced Shaders are what they’re called.

OverWorld/OVPE Shaders provide color and beauty to your Minecraft world.

Shaders for Low-Cost Devices with Zero Lag!





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Some shaders you maybe like in Mcpeaddons.com:

Shaders Featured:

  • Realistic Sky
  • With fog
  • Smooth Light
  • Aesthetic World color
  • Realistic Cloud
  • Plants/Water Waving
  • Smooth Shadow
  • Shadows that are smooth

All credits are listed in the “Credits & Info” file.

  • Brightness 50; 
  • Exquisite grapich on
  • Fancy Sky is currently playing.
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Download OverWorld/OVPE Shaders