Ornamental Plants Mod for Minecraft Android

First of all, this addition will be interesting to those players who want to live in beautiful houses and have their own private garden where you can spend time in peace.

Trees and bushes from this modification will not appear naturally in the game and each seedling will need to be created manually using standard tree seedlings and various dust. Also, plants from the mod will not grow under a roof, so they cannot be planted inside the house.

Decorative trees
After planting, they will grow into tall beautiful trees, somewhat reminiscent of cypresses and poplars.

Square shrub
After planting, it will grow until it turns into a very beautiful shrub trimmed to a square.

Round shrub
Just like the last bush, it will grow quite quickly and take on the shape of a ball. Looks great in combination with square bushes.

Dense shrub
Another ornamental plant that can be obtained from a block of leaves and bone meal. Has 3 versions, which you can choose by interacting with them with scissors (will decrease the density of leaves) and bone meal (will increase the density of leaves).

IMPORTANT!!! For the mod to work, turn on all the functions of the experimental mode in the world settings !!!

Installation instructions for the mod!

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