Origins Staffs | by Aladdin – MCPE AddOns

1 Kill the ender dragon and get the Dragon egg

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2. Put the dragon egg in the furnace

3. Get the Crystals item and use it, the crystals will fly to different locations in the map and a panzer will spawn, you will find each one in the following coordinates:

  • Wind disc: (x:1000 y:200 z:1000)
  • Fire disc: (x:-1000 y:-40 z:-1000)
  • Ice disc: (x:-100 y:100 z:-100)
  • Lightning disc: (x:100 y:0 z:100)

4. Use the disc anytime you are ready to begin the ritual. Be ready because it will be challenging.

For one minute, the ritual will continue to generate keepers. After that, a gatekeeper carrying the stone will spawn. When you kill him, he will drop the stone, the other keepers will die, and you will return to the overworld.

Origins Staffs

After you finish the ritual a panzer will spawn:

Origins Staffs

Note: you can watch my youtube video for more details, gameplay

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