Ore Textures from Snapshot 21w07a

More recently, a snapshot was released for the Java edition, in which the developers presented a new look for ore blocks. It is quite fair that with the update of the caves in Minecraft for Android, the updated blocks will also appear. Why wait? After all, you can install packageTexture Ore from Snapshot 21w07a (Snapshot Ores)!

Snapshot Ores appearance

Based on the renewed blocks, the ore in Minecraft Bedrock will look much clearer. With package installation textures The ore from Snapshot 21w07a (Snapshot Ores) you will see that the veins are much richer and more distinguishable. The following ore is available for “processing” the type MCBE.


Redstone |  Ore Textures from Snapshot 21w07a


Gold ore |  Ore Textures from Snapshot 21w07a


Iron ore |  Ore Textures from Snapshot 21w07a


But judging by the screenshots, diamond and lapis lazuli ore in Minecraft so far remains the same. Have a good game!

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