One-sided glass block mod for Minecraft on Android

The modification has a large selection of glass blocks with different textures on the front side, so you can make transparent walls from bricks, wool and almost all types of wood.

The picture above shows an example of the operation of this block, the blocks of the tree on the left and on the right, this is one block, simply deployed, on the one hand, facing you, and the other backwards.

How to get a?
In order to get this glass block, use the recipe below, if you need to get a block from a different material, just replace it in the crafting recipe.

If you still cannot understand how this blocks work, then watch the video below, which clearly shows what it is and how it works.

IMPORTANT!!! For the mod to work, enable all the functions of the experimental mode in the settings of the game world.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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